For a cost much less than you think, we can provide your school, club or association with unique custom designed hats and scarves that will be sure to bring a smile to the faces of your students or member players.

Building your club or association brand is a vital part of strong player affinity to your organization and lasting retention.

How good you look and the unique products you offer differentiate you from the rest. Not only does it create lasting player retention it also can be a valuable marketing and recruitment tool for new players.

Imagine how much pride your players will have wearing your organization's spirit wear to school and socially.

With minimum quantities of 50 pieces for scarves and 100 for hats, even the smallest of clubs/associations can be outfitted. If your interest is selling spirit wear to your school's students or to organization members, the merchandise investment risk is very low.

If your organization is already an Ultimate Sports customer talk to us about our no risk merchandise plans. If you are not already a customer, perhaps this is a good reason to be one and enjoy the Ultimate service experience.

Custom Apparel & Equipment

Our designers and manufacturers are ready to meet the custom demands of your club, school or organization for any type of apparel and for all types of sports uniforms including but not limited to:  hockey, soccer, football, baseball, ball hockey, lacrosse, rugby, bowling, etc.


Contact us for pricing and details.

Custom Hockey Samples:
Custom Soccer Samples:  Balls, Logo Patches, Scarves, Bags, Uniforms & Team Apparel
Soccer samples:
Recent samples:
Hockey, Ball Hockey, Roller-Inline Hockey samples:
Click on image to the left for access to the catalogue of design ideas.
Click on image to the left for access to the catalogue of design ideas.